The Trackforce Valiant Guide to Guard Activity Management

security guard wearing a mask

Guard Activity Management — one of the most essential management actions for any physical security operator. When shopping around for a comprehensive solution, there are typically two key areas that must be highly considered.

  1. Guard activity management requires two KPIs for optimal measurement: guard tours and reporting.
  2. Guard activity management must factor in cost, ease of use, and training.

Any solution that says otherwise — or that cuts corners — simply doesn’t understand the industry.

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Understanding Your Needs

One size fits all doesn’t necessarily mean carrying around unnecessary “bells and whistles”. It’s important to remember that there’s a lot more than technology when shopping around for a guard activity management system. A system works like a partnership, and this includes people, processes, and technology unified toward one goal: improving your operations, however is best for you.

What’s Inside: Example KPI

The Trackforce Valiant Team put together this go-to guide for those wanting to learn more about what comprehensive Guard Activity Management entails. Download the guide anytime using the link below.

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