How Security Companies can Compete for New Business

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How Security Companies can Compete for New Business

The security field is one that has evolved tremendously in the last 10 years, and it continues to evolve at a substantial pace today. Mobile technology and security software have given security companies the capability to perform guard tours and integrate with other business systems like never before. If a security company is going to stay competitive in the field and gain new business, not to mention retain the business they already have, they’ll need to ensure that the tools they use are modern and valuable. Trackforce and its GuardTek solution has the features you’ll need to keep your company in the running when it comes time for your potential client to choose a security provider.

What makes a company like Trackforce so valuable to a security company and its clients is the ability to show service delivery and potential cost savings. The features potential clients will appreciate are plentiful, and they include the ability to send automatic reports, time stamp and log everything using GPS, record time and attendance for accurate payroll and finally the ability to ensure maximum security coverage by using smart dispatch. Here’s a deeper look at 5 of the Trackforce qualities that support those features.

NFC Technology

NFC (Near Field Communication) is the best and most versatile application for security and guard tour applications. NFC is used to transfer information wirelessly at a short range. The major advantage of NFC for use in the security field is that it is extremely flexible. Loads of content can be stored and it can be changed quickly without having to generate a new NFC tag. Another benefit of NFC tags (as opposed to, say, QR codes…) is that they’re far easier to use. A QR code requires the manual scanning of the code, which normally requires the user to open an app of some sort and take a picture or scan the code itself. With an NFC tag, the user doesn’t have to do anything but simply be near the tag. There’s no opening of apps and then standing by while the code is analyzed and the data delivered. The NFC technology delivers the information instantly, allowing detailed interactions to happen securely and quickly.

The flexibility and adaptable nature of NFC technology allow security administrators utilizing the GuardTek software from Trackforce™ to upload floor plans and patrol routes directly into the software itself. Tours and duties can then be organized as needed.

For the officers in the field, NFC tags can be scanned to deliver and receive a variety of detailed data to be used for tour logs and reports. GuardTek software also provides a means for officers to upload photos and videos from the field as needed for more dynamic and thorough reports.


Today, guard tour systems employ GPS so that security companies and their clients can plan, monitor and accomplish guard tours while ensuring that each officer completes the designated tasks at the designated times and at the designated locations. This advanced officer management technology employs a form of digital logbook so that officer activities and times are recorded when guards reach specific checkpoints during his or her patrol. Officers can enter additional data into the checkpoint entry and report incidents and emergencies in real time. At the end of watch, all of this information is easily searchable in the digital logbook, providing security management and clients with a tremendous amount of accountability.

A GPS enabled guard tour system allows the officer to send an emergency message with the push of a button. Furthermore, some technology (like that provided by Trackforce™) provides lone worker protection through notification alerts that are activated by things like falls, unexpected impacts, and many other variable situations. Administrators can monitor these notifications and determine the next course of action. They can deploy backup officers and even locate incapacitated guards by using the GPS functionality.

GPS enabled guard tour systems also allow supervisors to manage more remotely than ever before, and this will allow them to manage more territories overall. For example, Trackforce technology enables security companies to establish a “geofence,” which is a virtual perimeter around a property. If guards ever cross that geofence supervisors will get an alert. This ensures that a particular site always has maximum coverage. This, in turn, makes the overall company more valuable and drives increased business.

With a top of the line guard system, the managers can easily show clients that guards are accomplishing assigned tasks appropriately. Furthermore, GPS tracking allows for the precise scheduling of guards based on checkpoints and the time it takes to complete tasks. This can result in labor savings that can be passed on to the end user. Savings are also passed on because supervisors won’t have to “double check” guard activities or inspect missed checkpoint scans. All of that can be managed remotely, resulting in more cash in the pockets of both the security firm and their clients.

Real Time

With the real-time monitoring capabilities of the GuardTek system, supervisors can keep an eye on their officers and receive instant notifications for any non-compliance issues or incidents that occur in the field. One of the newest features of the GuardTek solution allows supervisors to send instant messages to all of their security personnel in the field, making for instantaneous and flawless communication. Plus, supervisors and the company’s scheduling team can schedule guard tours with built-in alerts to ensure that the security contract is being fulfilled.


The GuardTek Solution from Trackforce captures data real-time and provides accurate reports of activities and incidents. These reports can help a company decide if its security efforts are meeting the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) they’ve established. Administrators can view activities by officer, activity type, report type, and more. Detailed reporting empowers trend analysis and other important insights.


Many software supported guard tour systems allow for custom features. For example, administrators can build custom forms on a per site, per inspection basis. Or a software can allow for customized orders and pass-downs by post, client or organization. Trackforce can work with you to help you customize the system to your specific needs. The Trackforce experts are from the security industry, and understand how to help you tailor the software so that you and your clients get the most out of it.

The GuardTek solution from Trackforce and its open Webservices API (Application Program Interface) is easily adaptable to meet the specific needs of the company it’s working with. Whether the data needs to be integrated with other systems in real time, minute, daily, weekly or monthly, the GuardTek solution can meet that need. It doesn’t matter what existing systems the company has in place, the open Webservices API can work with them. Some of the common business elements that the GuardTek solution frequently integrates with include:

  • Payroll
  • IT Service Management
  • Human Resources
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Scheduling
  • Help Desk
  • Incident Management

For a security company to be a valuable asset to its potential clients and truly bring the most modern and effective guard tour services possible, it needs the tools and the technology to back it up. It’s these very same tools and technology specifics that should be used as selling points when trying to win new clients. For the complete rundown on Trackforce and how the GuardTek solution can help your company win new business, contact them to schedule a demonstration with your organization.