Forms and Tools

Part of managing any workforce is having the right forms and tools to ensure compliance.  Below is a compliation of US wage and labor forms to help you operate smarter.

Tax Tools & Guides

Below are tools and guides to help you stay in Wage and Labor Compliance:

pdf Tax Card (2022)

pdf Tax Card (2021)

pdf Payroll Calendar (2022)

pdf Tax & Minimum Wage Updates (2022)

pdf Tax & Minimum Wage Updates (2021)



pdf Publication 15 (2022) (Circular E) – Employer’s Tax Guide

pdf Publication 15-A (2022) (Circular E) – Employer’s Tax Guide

Federal Registration and Tax Forms

Below are important forms that employers need to submit to be in tax compliance:

pdf 941 (2022)

pdf 941 (2022) – Schedule B

pdf 941 (2022) – Schedule D

pdf W-2 and W-3 (2022) – Instruction Forms

pdf W-2 (2022) – Wage and Tax Statement

pdf W-2C (2022) – Corrected Wage and Tax Statement

pdf W-3 (2022) – Transmittal of Wage and Tax Statements

New Employee Forms

Employee forms to help you went onboarding new employees for tax and wage compliance:

pdfW4 (2022)

pdf I9 (2022)