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Security Doesn’t Take a Day Off.
Neither should your Solution.

Security officers are a critical front-line workforce whose services keeps people, property, and the environment safe and secure. Security officers are also the main source of revenue for your business, and you want to ensure that their services not only protect and support your client’s business, but also keep your company running efficiently. Now more than ever, security companies are growing; they require solutions that will help them operate smarter.

65% of security guard firms say they will be increasing their billable hours over the next 6-12 months.

However – 67% of those same security guard firms have had to REDUCE the number of on-site guards to compensate for fewer resources and distancing rules.

Nearly ¾ of these security guard guarding firms companies have already or plan to implement an integrated Security Workforce Management system this year.

Security guard service industry is a $43B industry, which is continuing to grow. In fact nearly 90% of security guard firms are between 50-250 employees.

Technology Will Help Improve Operations, Reduce Costs, and Increase Profit Margins. Period.

Security companies that choose a workforce management solution to help support their business see positive ROI in operations. For a 100-employee guard firm, below are some typical savings they have realized.

$25,000 per year in reduction of Non-Billable Overtime

By effectively filtering employees that are approaching overtime from the schedule, security firms can reduce or eliminate the costs associated with non-billable overtime charges to your business.

$60,000 per year in reduction of Time Theft

Through geofencing and GPS time clock accuracy, companies a security guardpatrol services company can dramatically reduce the number of hours lost with early clock-ins, and late clock-outs from their security guards.

$23,000 per year in Supervisor efficiency

With a command center and more efficient officer security guard officer tracking, supervisors are able to reduce the number of on-site visits per year, while ensuring visibility and accountability over their team.

$23,000 per year in Client Reporting Accuracy

A centralized client dashboard gives them access to their own dashboards, so they can see your security guards in action, giving them peace of mind, and reducing administrative report compiling.

Let us help your Security Guard Services Team Operate Smarter.

At Trackforce Valiant, we believe in connecting people and processes to help them to realize the full potential of their security services operation. With a focus on creating more visibility and reducing risk, our solution will enable you to eliminate manual processes and focus on increasing profit margins. And, for security guard companies that operate on tight margins, this level of security services support and efficiency can make a major impact on your business.

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Security Guard Services