Physical Security in Manufacturing

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Building Better Manufacturing Safety and Security

As you know, manufacturing facilities can create a number of security risks, which threaten intellectual property, people and critical assets. Security teams need to be able to have greater visibility and control over multiple locations and be able to respond quickly to these risks and resolve them.

32% of all burglaries occur in non-residential facilities, such as manufacturing facilities and factories, which is rising each year.

Over 60% of manufacturing security teams struggle to provide adequate incident management to help record, report and reduce risk.

Over half of security professionals in manufacturing say technology will play an important role in their operations next year.

76% of manufacturing professionals have cited that they are struggling to hire in-house staff to support their security operations.

Building a Team That is Knowledgeable, Accountable and Helps to Provide Safety and Security.

In a recent Corporate Security Report, professionals in manufacturing were asked what their top priorities are for the next few years:

72% – Implement Better Incident and Visitor Management Processes and Tools

With the reduced on site resources causing more and more risks in safety and security, manufacturing professionals are looking to provide tools to help officers control more when they are working a post. Having a visitor management solution with real-time data, officers can know who is on-site at all times. Similarly, when officers need to record incidents, they need to make sure they are “bulletproof” and have the right information. Improving the data entry process is a critical need.

79% – Improving the Hiring, Onboarding and Training Process

Much like many other industry, finding the right talent and ensuring they are onboarded and trained appropriately is a major challenge. They look to technology to help improve the process of finding applicants, selecting the best talent, and then using those tool to help them get onboarded to work. Furthermore, training to ensure they are knowledgeable is a critical need to ensuring safety and security.

We Have the Best Solution for Your Security Workforce Needs.

Real-time Officer Incident Reporting

We provide a comprehensive and easy-to-use incident reporting system that empowers officers to quickly and effectively record information on incidents while maintaining a common set of data points for better reporting and analysis.

Real-time Visitor Management

Strengthen the security of your facilities by preventing unauthorized access with our robust visitor management application. Mitigate visitor risks by setting up visitor lists, approval processes, and even print visitor badges from a smartphone or a computer.

Applicant Tracking and Onboarding Solutions

Our applicant tracking and onboarding solution enables you to create hiring process that uses automated workflows to filter the best talent and keep new hires on track and complete paperwork before they start. This way the first day – is a workday!

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