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The Next Security Threat May Just Be From Within. Break the Statistics.

The role of corporate security services is to protect the business from threats and ensure the safety and security of the assets and people within your organization. But without true visibility and risk mitigation, the statistics are staggering.

Each year, over 2 million people experience some form of workplace violence.

1 in 7
One out of every seven employees feel unsafe going into work each day.

The CDC says that 40% of employees suffer from mental issues and substance abuse from the past year.

Workplace violence is a $130 BILLION dollar industry that impacts both employees and businesses negatively.

Risk Mitigation is a Priority for Corporate Security Officers

In a recent Corporate Security Report, 350 professionals were asked what their top security priorities were for their company in the near future. Among the top two were:

88% – Implement a risk mitigation strategy to Identify Threats

Building a proactive solution to look at incidents, analyze the potential risk of hazards and harms to build action plans that effectively break the statistics is priority #1 for in-house corporate security services. Solutions that can take incident data and analyze for future threats become paramount in driving better security, safety and lowering the risk of physical and financial damage as a result.

86% – Implement Solutions and Training to Prevent Workplace Violence Risk

Understanding the imminent return to normal operations in many businesses, corporate security professionals are seeking solutions to help security teams identify the signs of potential workplace violence risks and effectively de-escalate and provide protection before they even happen. Having a corporate security solution that offers real-time communication and notifications on incidents and events such as these become a major factor in the safe return to work for organizations.

Don’t Let Your Corporate Security Services Be a Statistic. We’ll Empower You to Remove the Risk.

Real-time Security Reporting

Trackforce Valiant’s comprehensive risk-based security management solution is designed to empower your team with the ability to identify, mitigate and prevent security risks before they happen.

Immediate Command Center Response

Using real-time mobile solutions connected to a central command center and live dashboard, supervisors can intercept and address all security incidents and send notifications for team response as well as protection or de-escalation instructions.

Risk-Based Analysis

Using our comprehensive business intelligence systems, your team can analyze the data and build action plans to identify future threats and put preventive actions in place before they happen.

Employee-based Crowdsourcing

We know that the best vigilance comes from within. That is why our independent employee app features the technology to quickly send any suspicious activity directly to the security team. This tool increases the “eyes and ears” of your company and fosters a faster response to security incidents.

Let us help your Security Team to Operate Smarter.

At Trackforce Valiant, we believe in helping corporate security teams to improve their visibility into key risk areas and make critical improvements to their security systems . With comprehensive incident management and centralized command center, our technology will help your corporate security services team eliminate manual processes and focus on increasing overall safety. Join us for a demonstration and we can show you how we can help your business.

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