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What is Security Guard Tracking?

Knowing the precise location of your guards can mean the difference between a quick response to an incident and a delayed one. The old way of tracking a guard’s location just won’t cut it anymore.

Tracking technology has improved exponentially in the last decade and has made it possible for security teams to always know a guard’s location in real-time. This reduces dispatcher headaches and ensures safety is on its way in case of an emergency. Security guard tracking is best used to help monitor guards during normal front-line activities or emergencies, and helps security managers gain full visibility of each tour – when it is in progress, when it is complete, and if any checkpoints have been missed.

Security Guard Tracking Software

Security companies benefit in using updated tracking technology by:

Monitoring security guard movements in real-time

Controlling and dispatching guards from a command center

Providing tracking flexibility with GPS, NFC tags, or barcodes

See How Security Guard Tracking is Used in Action

Security guard tracking is one of many features that make up guard management software. With this feature, security managers can ensure guards are accountable for their activities and are ready for dispatching if an incident occurs.

See Your Guards Location As They Conduct Their Tours

Real-time tracking has become a standard feature of a security tracker – and for good reason. Rest assured, with the Trackforce Valiant guard tracking app, supervisors can ensure that your guards are where they’re supposed to be during their tours – all in a non big brother way.

  • See your team’s location in real-time as they move from checkpoint to checkpoint
  • Access historical insights about where your guards have been
  • Provide proof of guard work in case of any disputes

Use Flexible Technology to Track Your Team’s Whereabouts

Unlike other security guard tracking apps, the Trackforce Valiant app has the capability of using either GPS, NFC, and Barcode Location Tracking, giving you loads of options as to how you or your clients choose to set up a tour.

  • Optimal support for both outdoor and indoor tracking
  • Flexible technology equipped with accurate location tracking
  • Option to use NFC or barcode technology or GPS

Define Tour Areas to Prevent Guard Wandering

Imagine tracing an invisible boundary that outlines areas where guards should be in. With Trackforce Valiant’s Geofencing feature, defining tour areas is no longer a thing of the future.

  • Geofencing allows supervisors to ensure that guards stay out of restricted areas
  • Oversee guards’ safety and link location to their assigned post
  • Received automatic alerts whenever a guard enters or leaves a pre-defined area

Oversee a Guard’s Location Directly on a Map

With remote guards manning multiple sites every day, having a supervisor present at each location can quickly raise costs. The Trackforce Valiant security tracker allows supervisors to locate and monitor your guards from wherever a web browser can be accessed.

  • Oversee multiple locations and sites, a guard’s availability, and proximity to an incident
  • View if guards exited a predefined area
  • Keep tabs on what stage of the tour they’re on

Get the Full Picture When Using Trackforce Valiant’s Security Guard Tracking Software

Built with Visibility and accountability in mind, the Trackforce Valiant Security Guard Tracking Software is a fully configurable solution for conducting tours and patrols in your security operation. In using both mobile and Web capabilities, the guard tour application within Trackforce Valiant’s guard management solution enables your team to stay connected while moving throughout any facility.

To see how security guard tracking can work for your security operations, request a demo by one of our experts. 

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