Command Center
Analytics Dashboard

Gain Visibility and Control
Over Operations.

Our centralized command center enables you to monitor security operations across multiple client sites, increase your ability to respond quickly to threats and analyze risks to make better decisions for your security team.

Your Entire Operation
at Your Fingertips

Access the security command center from any web browser and get a complete view of your security operation. From officer location, shifts to critical events, the command center enables you to manage all sites from one central location be it locally or globally.

  • Map display shows all security teams by location, enabling drill down to site level
  • Real-time alerts pop up to immediately respond to incidents, lone worker alerts, or missed shifts
  • Ability to apply heatmap filters to identify which sites need extra attention

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Command Center

Geolocation and Dispatch

Geolocation and Dispatch
Teams in a Crisis

When a critical incident happens, you want to create control over chaos. Our Geolocation and Dispatch tools provide a way for you to immediately pinpoint security personnel and quickly assign tasks to respond to events that are within their proximity. Always have a response team – Trackforce Valiant gives you that visibility.

  • Use Geolocation and NFC tags to identify proximity of other teams, whether indoors or outdoors
  • View the status, availability, proximity and estimated drive times to incidents.
  • Officers can receive and acknowledge tasks assigned to them through the dispatch module.

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Mass Notification and
Rapid Communication

When you need to communicate critical information to the entire team, or even specific team members, our command center enables you to quickly get information out and ensure that information is received. You can filter communications by client, site, post, officer and more – making communications to the entire team or specific members easy.

  • Push to Talk directly from Command allows you to turn officers’ mobile devices into two-way radio
  • Post order notification enables you to send push notifications with acknowledgment receipts to officers in the field on critical information
  • Ability to emergency group messaging directly from command center providing the fastest and most intuitive way to communicate in an emergency

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Mass Notification & Rapid Communication

Data Collection

Turn Data into Insights
and Action

Use the data collected in the field to have a better understanding of your business’ strengths and weaknesses while providing actionable insights into KPIs and other important metrics collected in an in-depth security metrics dashboard. This makes it a critical tool to ensure competitiveness and profitability.

  • Ability to configure your dashboard and reports for different roles and users within the organization
  • Configure reports to track incident data, tour data, shifts, activities and everything else critical to your operation
  • Discover actionable insights with business analytics to improve decision making across the entire security operation

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Improve Service Delivery
to Demonstrate Your Value

A client facing real-time dashboard provides full transparency as clients get insights into workforce productivity and performance, and service delivery proving your value. Give your clients access to as little or as much as they like to.

  • Create custom dashboards based on clients, locations and sites, and grant limited access to clients
  • Automatic creation of client facing DARs, incident and shift reports to show activity at their site
  • Reduce administrative time to create manual reports and email to client by scheduling report delivery

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Custom Dashboard

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