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Higher Learning Requires Higher Security. Don’t be a Statistic.

The role of security both on and off campus is to provide a safe and secure space for the staff and students. Failure to do that properly can result in potential physical, financial, and reputational harm to the school. Without this visibility and control, you run the risk of becoming a part of the growing statistics in campus security.

In 2019, the number of reported criminal cases at universities in the United states was 27,261 across 10,965 campuses.

50% of the crimes in school are robbery or property damage, and the other 50% is assaults and rape.  20% of the latter are never reported to security

Of school teachers say they do not feel safe in the school over fears of violence.

A recent case in the University of Utah settled a $13M lawsuit where the security team failed to respond to a stalking incident, leading to the death of a student

Mitigating the Risk of Violence Must be a Top Priority for Higher Education

In a recent Corporate Security Report, Security professionals in education were asked what their top priorities were for 2021. Among the top two were:

 86% – Implement Better Incident Management Processes and Tools

With many of the threats and incidents that happen both on and off campus, security needs to ensure not only a fast response time, but accurate reporting of incidents in order to help local authorities and internal security teams to resolve quickly.  Furthermore, having a standardized incident reporting solution helps to create better data analytics to uncover proactive ways to mitigate risks of future incidents.

79% – Improving Visitor Management Processes and Solutions

Proper Security processes in colleges and universities account for having monitoring solutions such as cameras and motion sensors, and access control solutions that prevent unauthorized access.  However, in the study, respondents found that they needed to implement more tools and processes around visitor management.  With a number of visitors that come in and out of the campus, having a real-time list of expected visitors and a list of unauthorized visitors can be a literal lifesaver in security.

Don’t be Part of the Statistics. We’ll Guide You on How to Best Reduce On-Campus Security Risks.

Real-time Officer Incident Reporting

Trackforce Valiant’s comprehensive risk-based security management solution is designed to empower your team with the ability to identify, mitigate and prevent security risks before they happen. 

Immediate Command Center Response

Using real-time mobile solutions connected to a central command center, supervisors can intercept and address all security incidents and send notifications for team response or instructions on de-escalation.

Risk-Based Data Analysis  

Using our comprehensive business intelligence tools, your team can analyze the data and build action plans to identify future threats and put preventive actions in place before they happen.

Employee-based Crowdsourcing

We know that the best vigilance comes from within.  That is why our independent employee app features the ability to quickly send any suspicious activity directly to the security team.  This tool increases the “eyes and ears” of your team and fosters a faster response to security incidents.

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Our goal is to provide the processes and tools to help security professionals operate smarter. Our team can provide you with a consultation on the best ways to leverage technology to help build a risk-based security operation. Contact us for a demonstration or consultation.

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