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Compliance, Intelligence, and Customer Experience are Keys for Success

Hospitality is one of the most complex industries when it comes to wage and labor compliance. With oversight on paystub accuracy, regular and tipped wages, tip pooling and split shifts, the need to have a compliant solution is critical to avoiding penalties and back wage fines for violations.

Last year, there were over 16,000 cases in the U.S. where employers violated the minimum wage laws or overtimes law and had to pay back wages.

From those violations, over 230,000 employees we paid these wages for employers failing to pay the correct minimum wage or calculate overtime properly.

From these violations, employers had to pay out over $182 million in back wages as a result of these preventable violations if they had a compliant solution.

Hospitality and food services make up the majority of cases and back wages owed than any other industry, resulting in fines and penalties that can hurt businesses financially.

Fully Baked Solutions for Hospitality that Reduce Compliance Risk

We’re all too familiar with the challenges of meeting all hospitality management needs. Managing overtime, pay stub compliance, taxes, meal credits, and everyday operations can be overwhelming.
We have developed a hospitality workforce solution that combines all elements of payroll management into one simple portal. Our solution combines the best in restaurant payroll software with time clock systems, automated imports, and streamlined reporting. Combined with years of experience and industry-leading support, we are here to improve your bottom line and keep your business booming.

Payroll, Time Clocking, Compliance and More in One Platform

Our payroll services solutions stand apart as an ideal choice in hospitality payroll software. We combine time stamps with gratuity management, scheduling, meal credits, tax credits, and more – an all-in-one solution. Our system is more than a time clock service, it’s a fully integrated solution for every component of hospitality management and HR. Our systems simplify processes including:

Compliance Payroll Reporting and Processing

Exception based payroll ensures all compliance considerations (Meal allowance, tip credits, overtime, minimum wage) are all corrected prior to running a payroll

Full-Service Payroll and Tax Service

We provide printed checks, cash cards or direct deposit options, as well as tax service for annual reporting – all delivered in-house


Integrated scheduling to ensure you always have someone working each week

POS Tracking & Benefits Tracking

Ability to collect POS information to connect to time keeping and payroll. Manage and track multiple plans (major medical, MEC, Commuter cards and more)


Generate a number of pre-configured and custom reports to track your payroll costs

ACA Compliance

Get alerts on eligibility and generate forms and data for ACA reporting

Time Keeping

Leverage our mobile time keeping system, or connect your existing solution to us

Pay Stub Compliance

FLSA compliant pay stubs that ensure employees and employees have the most detail in know exactly where pay is distributed

A True Partner in Hospitality Workforce Management

As industry experts, our team has worked to develop a single-point solution for all components of hospitality management systems. Our integrated solutions streamline restaurant payroll cost, increasing savings and optimization of existing expenses.

At Trackforce Valiant, we are more than a provider of hospitality staff payroll services. We are on your team, working to streamline all aspects of hospitality management responsibilities into one easily utilized platform. With expert support on standby, our team is always available to answer any questions, troubleshoot, and educate managers, staff, and workers on proper system utilization.

We are your partner in HR, time collection, payroll, and more. We have combined all the ingredients necessary for the perfect hospitality and restaurant payroll system. All you need to do is call in your order so we can get cooking! Contact our team today to request a demo of our industry-leading hospitality scheduling, time clock, compliance, and full-service systems.

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