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Ensure the Safety of Guests & Staff While Preventing Theft

From preventing theft to ensuring guest comfort, providing security in the hospitality industry is a daunting task. Staff, managers, and security officers alike must work together for a holistic security approach that lowers risk and enhances overall safety

Improve Overall Operations

Streamline communications, processes, and security operations with a solution made to fit hotel security systems, restaurant security systems, and other hospitality security needs.

Centralise Staff Training

Create a quick and efficient workforce with customizable training modules and job skills certification.

Easily Track Officers

Intuitive real-time indoor and outdoor security officer tracking with GPS and NFC tags.

How Trackforce Valiant Can Help Manage Security in the Hospitality Industry

Trackforce Valiant improves hospitality security in hotel, lodging, and entertainment spaces with a centralized, easy-to-use workforce and activities management platform developed to enhance guest safety and better operations.

Daily Activity and Incident Reporting

Create customizable security officer reports to streamline communications between all stakeholders.

Real-Time Dashboard 

Fully customizable real-time dashboard giving you a unified view of officer activities throughout multiple sites.

Command Center (GSOC)

Gain a real-time aerial map view of your security officers and operations across multiple sites.

Post Order

Distribute workforce instructions and make changes in real time, always ensuring correct procedures are followed.

Time Keeping

Ensure accurate time tracking and reduce time theft through our mobile time and attendance tracking solution. Alternatively, you can also connect your existing solution to ours.

Employee Based Crowdsourcing

We know that the best vigilance comes from within. That is why our independent employee app features the technology to quickly send any suspicious activity directly to the security team. This tool increases the “eyes and ears” of your company and fosters a faster response to security incidents.

A True Partner in Hospitality Security Workforce Management

The hospitality industry has become one of the most technology-heavy enterprises on the planet. Today’s top hotels rely on technology to provide the best possible guest experience during every step of their visit. It only makes sense that safety and security in the hospitality industry be just as strong as it is for other industries.

Trackforce Valiant has nearly 30 years’ experience in evaluating and providing security solutions to its clients. As industry experts, our team has worked to develop a single-point solution to ensure complete visibility and control of your venue’s security operations through mobile and web integration.With Trackforce Valiant, hospitality venues are more effectively connected to security and safety. Our team can provide you with a consultation on the best ways to leverage technology to help build a risk-based security operation. Contact us for a demonstration or consultation.

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