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Healthcare Security Risks are at an All Time High. Break the Statistics.

Security’s role is to protect healthcare institutions from threats and ensure the safety and security of the assets and people within the organization. But without true visibility and risk mitigation, the statistics are staggering. Trackforce Valiant’s solution for healthcare security is designed to create visibility into hospital security operations, while keeping patients secure and safe.

What Are the Security Challenges of Healthcare Facilities?

Each year, over 2 million people experience some form of workplace violence. These range from instances of bullying and harassing co-workers all the way to outright assault and even death. And these are just in the instances that are reported. .

Of all the workplace violence crimes, healthcare workers make up 50% of those crimes.  The majority of these crimes are directed at nurses, and there has been a 20% increase in attacks in the past year.

70% of emergency nurses have been assaulted on the job, while 47% of emergency doctors have experienced some sort of violence while working. Nurses spend more time with patients and are at a higher risk.

Workplace violence is a $130 BILLION dollar industry that impacts both employees and businesses negatively. Whether healthcare costs, insurance or lawsuits – this is a risk that simply businesses cannot afford to ignore.

Preventing Violence Must be a Top Priority for Hospital Security.

In a recent Security Benchmark Report, security professionals in healthcare were asked what their top priorities were for 2021. Among the top two were:

78% – Improving Visitor Management Processes and Solutions

Proper Security processes in hospitals and healthcare institutions account for having monitoring solutions such as cameras and motion sensors, and access control solutions that prevent unauthorized access. However, in the study, healthcare security professionals found that they needed to implement more tools and processes around visitor management. With a number of visitors that come in and out of these facilities, having a real-time list of expected visitors and a list of unauthorized visitors can be a literal lifesaver for healthcare security staff.

77% – Better Emergency Preparedness and Business Continuity Planning 

The events of the last year have shown that even the best planning for major incidents can fall short in the face of unprecedented challenges. Having better risk management to analyze past incidents, make process changes and build out solutions to promote more real-time response to changes in policies can have a major impact on emergency planning. Also, the need to implement better communication and real-time notification on training updates helps to keep healthcare security staff aware of these changes faster and more efficiently.

Don’t be a part of the Statistics. We Can Help You Remove Healthcare Security Risk.

Real-time Security Incident and Daily Activity Reports

Trackforce Valiant’s comprehensive risk-based security management solution is designed to empower your staff with the ability to record incident and daily activity reports (DAR) to ensure real-time response to patient and staff security risks.

Immediate Command Center Response

Using real-time mobile solutions connected to a central command center, healthcare security supervisors can intercept and address all security incidents and send notifications for team response or instructions on de-escalation.

Risk-Based Analysis  

Using our comprehensive business intelligence tools, your team can build reports, analyze the data and make action plans to identify future security threats that can impact patients and staff.

Visibility into Security tours and Patrols

Using our mobile solutions, security officers can conduct tours and patrols using our mobile solution while healthcare staff and supervisors can view their progress through each tour.  This level of visibility into officer activity provides a level of consistency when managing hospital security.

HIPAA Privacy Rule and Healthcare Security

As with any operation within the healthcare industry, hospital security staff are required to be trained to avoid disclosing protected health information with any patient as part of the HIPAA security rule. Trackforce Valiant’s solution for healthcare security is designed to provide you a configurable solution to help support HIPPA compliance. Combined with proper training, our solution helps to manage and track security activities while providing options in protecting patient privacy and security. We are currently finalizing our HIPPA privacy rule compliance certification which validates our solution provides the features and options necessary for healthcare security while adhering to HIPAA security rules. For more information, contact us for a demonstration.

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At Trackforce Valiant, we believe in helping people realize the full potential of their operation. With a focus on creating more visibility and reducing healthcare security risks, our solution will help eliminate manual processes and focus on increasing overall safety. With a combination of mobile security solutions and a centralized command center, your healthcare security staff are always connected, and able to respond to any incident quickly and effectively. Security officers are able to conduct tours, record DAR and Incident reports

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