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Guard Management Software

Productivity at Your Fingertips with Security Guard Management

Our security guard management solution is designed to increase officer productivity and accountability while giving you visibility into daily operations. Our mobile app for guards is perhaps the most important piece of equipment an officer can have – providing intelligence and communication to keep guards safe and productive during their shift and on security patrol.

Purpose-Built for the Security Guard industry

Our software is designed to enable security guards to be more productive while in the field and provide visibility on activities in the field to supervisors and operations teams

Visibility and Accountability for Security Guards

Conduct guard tours, record incidents and DARs, and track time and attendance for your security operations; all while providing safety and security for lone workers and visitor management processes

Guard Mobile app connected to your Security Command Center

Our integrated security guard management system connects all front-line activities to a central command center and live dashboard, giving you a centralized view of all security management operations.

Time and Attendance

Ensure accurate time tracking and reduce time theft through our mobile time and attendance tracking solution. Using mobile geolocation or NFC scanning, you can ensure that security guards start and end shifts on-time and get alerts for missed or late shifts. Never miss a shift again with our mobile security time clock solution.

  • Integrated with our Time and Labor Management to update schedules with time tracking information
  • Leverage native mobile tools to record shifts, or require a password to clock in and out
  • Stay in compliance by tracking and enforcing mandatory break and rest periods

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Time and Attendance Tracking

Incident and Activity Reporting

Incident Reporting and
Activity Reporting

Our security guard management system enables guards to record detailed and media-rich incident and activity reports directly on-site. With FULLY configurable REPORT templates, you can automate the process of reporting and responding to incidents and get notified in real-time as they happen.

  • Configurable templates enable you to build unlimited report types for any situation (incidents and DARs)
  • Enhance reports with rich media, such as photo, video, diagrams and even GPS location tracking
  • Create workflows to ensure automatic notification and follow up on critical incident actions

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Guard Tour System

Easily guide and monitor your officers with our real-time mobile guard tour system. Track guard tours in real time on a map while officers scan checkpoints and perform tasks you configure. Our integrated security guard tour tracking platform provides real-time notifications on missed tours, missed checkpoints, or if a guard is in need of assistance.

  • Centralized guard tour tracking from a web-based security command center
  • Configure multiple tour types with checkpoints and required activity reports
  • Ability to use QR codes or NFC tags or geolocation to automatically record security checkpoints
  • Lone worker protection can trigger an alert if an security guard is in trouble while on a tour

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Guard Touring System

Lone Worker Protection

Lone Worker

Ensure the safety of your security guards with our lone worker protection software application. Our mobile solution can enable security guards to send alerts if they are at risk, detect whether a guard is in need of help, and send alerts on their location and where nearby guards can be dispatched to.

  • Panic Button sends immediate security alert to the command center to respond and assist
  • Impact detection automatically sends alerts if device is dropped due to potential injury
  • Push-to-talk (PTT) turns mobile device into a two-way radio for faster communication from security guard to the command center

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Post Order
Management Software

Never let a security post order go unnoticed with our real-time post order management system, which allows you send orders directly to your security guards’ mobile devices with critical information. This enables you to avoid unnecessary calls, provide concise orders, and verify receipt by your team.

  • Configure post order for specific clients, sites, or posts to ensure specific information is communicated
  • Easily update security guard orders in real time and require acknowledgement of receipt to mitigate risk of missed orders
  • Attach rich media such as photo, video or PDF to add more detail and instructions to your post orders

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Post Order Management

Visitor Management Mobile

Visitor Management Software

Strengthen the security of your facilities by preventing unauthorized access with our robust visitor management application. Mitigate visitor security risks by setting up visitor lists, approval processes, and even print visitor badges from a smartphone or a computer. Give your security guards more visibility can control over visitor management.

  • Easily create ad-hoc or recurring visitor lists and update in real-time to officers
  • Pre-register known visitors before they arrive on site for a smith visitor experience
  • Access visitor logbooks and generate evacuation lists of non-employees in case of an emergency

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