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What is Security Incident Reporting?

Reporting incidents using a simple document editor won’t cut it anymore. As technology advances, so must the tools that security teams use to manage their incident reporting. Security companies are choosing to change the game when it comes to reporting incidents.

If the purpose of security incident reporting is to keep a clear record of events, outcomes, and corrective actions, then having proper backups that are strong enough to hold up against anything – even litigation – are essential. A good security report properly tracks incidents and activities with verified documentation, including with the ability to enrich reports with time-stamped video, photo, audio, GPS location data, and additional text evidence.

Security companies report the benefits of using an app by their ability to:

Digitally tracking critical incidents and activities

Simplify guard reporting with simple response fields

Produce credible reports that uphold against litigation

See How Security Incident Reporting is Used in Action

Security incident reporting is one of many features that make up guard management software. Using this feature provides essential incident documentation and reporting insights that’s critical for any physical security operation.

Instant Reporting Available Right On the Field

When your guards are in the middle of a shift and are required to complete a report, interrupting a tour to grab a clipboard and a working pen is unacceptable. With Trackforce Valiant’s incident reporting software, your guards will have access to every report that’s required for each tour, like basic inspection reports, COVID-19 screenings, and more – whatever your contract or industry requires.

  • Transform the reporting process with a step-by-step guided reporting process
  • Secure in-tour reporting so guards never leave their tour
  • Configurable reporting that meets the specifications of any contract

Incident and Activity Reporting

Schedule Mandatory Reports and Always Keep Stakeholders in the Loop

There are times when a contract or an industry regulation requires consistent reporting. With the Trackforce Valiant incident reporting software, scheduling out mandatory reports is a sinch. As your guards conduct their day to day activities, scheduled reports can be configured for hourly, daily, monthly, or annual completion – whatever fits the bill.

  • Configure regularly scheduled reports on the fly
  • Automatically set up custom team and/or stakeholder email or text notifications
  • Escalate issues to 3rd parties and clients, if ever required

Critical Reporting Insights At Your Digital Fingertips

Imagine the assurance of knowing all your reports are safely backed-up and available to your team at a moment’s notice. With Trackforce Valiant’s incident management software, digital reports can easily be accessed in real-time, reducing errors, compiled and shared in one click.

  • Safely back-up all reports for easy digital access
  • Access to super fast and easy reporting that’s configurable to your operational and client needs
  • Track historical data for powerful benchmarking and operational standards
Security Guard Tour App

Device Reporting Options that Make Sense for Your Business Model

Whether you have a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy or purchase devices for your team, having to choose between that beloved Android or updated Apple device can create an unnecessary technical dilemma.

  • Maintain consistent devices across your team
  • Compatible with either Android or iOS devices
  • Avoid having to purchase new devices

Get the Full Picture When Using Trackforce Valiant’s Security Incident Reporting Software

Built with Visibility and accountability in mind, the Trackforce Valiant Security Incident Reporting Software is a fully configurable solution for conducting tours and patrols in your security operation. In using both mobile and Web capabilities, the guard tour application within Trackforce Valiant’s guard management solution enables your team to stay connected while moving throughout any facility.

To see how security incident reporting can work for your company, request a demo by clicking the link below.

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