Using Trackforce Valiant’s Configurable Reporting Templates for Managing Incidents and Guard Activity

Introducing Trackforce Valiant’s Configurable Security Guard Reporting Templates

What is one area security teams must excel in? When it comes to standardizing business operations, configurable, or adaptable, reporting templates revolutionize how security companies approach the reporting process.

Configurable reporting templates allow for supervisors to adapt form fields and form requirements to fit SOPs, contract requirements, and state regulations. Plus, configuring reports, especially incident or daily activity reports, standardizes security company processes so that operations run predictably and efficiently.

Trackforce Valiant’s configurable reporting templates simplifies the reporting process and makes it easy for supervisors to adjust one or multiple reports used across multiple sites. This ensures that guards know what to report and how, while standardizing processes for error-free operations.

In this article, we’ll talk about what security companies can do to standardize their reporting and how to configure reports for better reporting — all for improving the one area security teams must excel in.

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What Security Companies Can Do to Standardize Their Reporting

If reporting is one thing, it’s that it must be reliable. The best way to establish a reliable report is to create baseline templates. Templating consists of setting up multiple reporting areas with the intention that it be simple and repeatable.

When a report is repeatable, it means it can easily be standardized for use across multiple sites. The best standardized report template consists of what needs to be documented in order to uphold SOPs, contractual obligations, and other regulations.

Trackforce Valiant simplifies the standardization process with easy-to-use report template creation. The templating process organizes how companies use, adapt, and measure their reports for consistency across one or multiple sites.


Organized reports allow you to filter by officer, report type, activity type, or additional information.
Select who should receive the report.
Preview completed report and attached elements, like video or photos.
Complete report on mobile for easy guard access.

While not all templating solutions are created equally, Trackforce Valiant’s incident reporting software makes it so that security companies can quickly adapt and comply with reporting to uphold any strict regulations or contract requirements.

Here are 7 features of security guard incident reporting found in Trackforce Valiant:

  1. Flexible field options to digitize hardcopy forms
  2. Drag and drop for template creation
  3. Voice to text functionality for ease of use
  4. Media attachment support like time-stamped photos, audio, video, GPS location, and notes
  5. Configurable notifications and automatic alerts to stakeholders
  6. Guard authentication and supervisor follow-up abilities
  7. Reporting analytics to track status

How to Configure Security Incident and Daily Activity Reports (DARs)

Processes such as evidentiary collection, guard response, report accountability, and documenting follow-up procedures must ensure that security companies gain the most from their data collection.

With configurable reports, security companies can benchmark across sites for critical analysis and better risk mitigation. Benchmarking can be used to compare which sites have more violations, which are performing well, and which may need further action.

Trackforce Valiant helps supervisors and security operators configure reporting to reduce the risk of potential errors or miscommunication. Here’s how:

Digitally Track Critical Incident and Activity Reports
In moving away from paper reporting, security companies have made it possible to attach supportive evidence directly to a report with digital reporting. This means guards on the front-line can take photos, videos, or comments and can attach them for supervisor review.

With digital reports, any incidents or daily activities reported can be logged and visualized on a real-time dashboard. Supervisors can visualize site health and incident activities for review to determine which sites need immediate attention from stakeholders.

Establish a Fool-Proof Way to Create Report Credibility
Security operators rely on their security team to produce credible reports strong enough to be used during litigation, if needed. Configurable reporting has made it even easier to ensure guards on the front-line can document required information, such as a signature, time-stamped entries or GPS guard location, needed to establish credibility.

Create Response Fields for Simple Guard Reporting
Digital reports make guard reporting simple and error-free. Supervisors have the option to create required fields with pre-written responses that give front-line guards the option to select the appropriate choice when filling out a report. Selected responses make it simple for supervisors to tailor each report so that it captures exactly what stakeholders or security company operators need to know.

Getting Started with Configurable Reporting Templates

Configurable reporting templates excel in helping security teams operate more efficiently. Trackforce Valiant’s security incident reporting software ensures that security companies can uphold their reputations, reduce risk, and maintain successful operations.

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