Connecting Front-line
Efficiency With Back-Office

Designed to
Help Companies
Operate Smarter.

Trackforce Valiant is purpose-built to provide you with the tools to manage and track your workforce, connect time, labor, and guard operations to billing and payroll. Our platform gives you the visibility and control to reduce the complexity of managing the hourly workforce, while maximizing growth. We believe in eliminating the risk associated with disparity, and that is why our integrated solution connects all aspects of your workforce operations to ensure compliance and accuracy.

Guard Tour Management

Manage and track officer activity with our Mobile and Web Guard application. Conduct tours, record incidents, and push post orders out in real-time, while keeping officers safe with lone worker protection and visitor management tools. Officer productivity and accountability, literally at their fingertips.

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Command Center and Analytics Dashboard

Create increase operational visibility and make better decisions with our command center and reporting engine. Build custom dashboards, run analysis on tours, incidents, and automatically deliver error-proof DARs to your clients in real-time.

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