Gaming and Casino Physical Security Solutions

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Protect Your Gaming Establishment, Assets, and Guests with a Unified Security Solution

The safety of both casino patrons and assets are only possible if both security guards and specialized surveillance departments are unified. A comprehensive, holistic approach to casino security protects against theft and potential misconduct from patrons or staff.

Security Solutions that enhance productivity, visibility and response.

Centralized Operational View

With the GSOC (Global Security Operations Center), your supervisors can connect your casino surveillance officers and guards using one platform across all dead zones, common areas, and recreational spaces

Reliable Visitor Management

Ensure your surveillance department can easily manage casino patron access, reduce threats, and screen against suspicious guest behavior 

Risk-Based Data Analysis

Retrieve and analyze historical data, build action plans to identify future threats, and put preventive actions in place before they happen

Visibility into Security tours and Patrols

View security officers as they conduct their tours, handle incident response, and manage patrons in real-time

Don’t Gamble on Security

In a recent corporate security report, security professionals were asked what their top priorities were for the near term. Among the top two:

 86% – Implement Better Incident Management Processes and Tools

With many of the external and internal threats that happen at casinos, having a standardized incident management solution helps to create better data analytics to uncover proactive ways to mitigate safety risks and report suspicious behaviors.

88% – Implement a Risk Mitigation Strategy to Identify Threats:

Solutions that can take incident data and analyze for future threats become paramount in driving better security, safety and lowering the risk of physical and financial damage as a result.

Let us show you how to Operate Smarter.

Our goal is to provide the processes and tools to help your security team keep track of common gaming areas, secure challenging security checkpoints, prevent theft, and ensure overall guest safety. Our team can provide you with a consultation on the best ways to leverage technology to help build a risk-based security operation.

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