Improve Communication with
Your Guards

Communicate what matters, when it matters. From supervisor and leadership communications to compliance and operations messages, reach your teams wherever they are so they can do their jobs safely, effectively, and efficiently.

Communication For to the
Mobile Workforce

theEMPLOYEEapp provides a lot of flexibility for sharing information with your teams. That’s because your security workforce and supervisors are on the move. They need to be able to find critical information quickly and efficiently.

Command Center

  • The News Feed displays real-time messages in a familiar presentation as the social media platforms your employees are used to.
  • The Explore feature houses training, certification information, and other evergreen material in an easily searchable folder structure.
  • Set Carousel Banners to pin content at the top of the News Feed to keep relevant, time-sensitive information top of mind.

Command Center 2

  • Target content to frontline supervisors or officers to get the right level of detail to the right people.
  • Selectively enable push notifications on messages that are time-sensitive or operations-focused to break through and receive immediate attention
  • Send short reminders or crisis messages in moments with Alerts.
  • Leverage Read Receipts to ensure compliance on messages.

Targeted Alerts and

In a crisis, you need to communicate with teams as fast as possible. But you also don’t want to cause a panic by alerting unaffected individuals. All content in theEMPLOYEEapp can be targeted to the impacted groups, locations, and employees.

An Elevated Employee

Retention is a top priority for most security organizations. And research shows that high employee engagement has a big impact on reducing churn. But engaging employees isn’t always simple. It’s about crafting a strong overall employee experience, from hiring and onboarding to the exit interview. We make it easy to connect and engage your teams.

Command Center

  • Improve employee programming with our Events calendar, where you can share reminders about permit renewals, paydays, company events, L&D opportunities, and more.
  • Keep employees connected to support departments like HR with our Directory.
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Command Center 2

  • Share multimedia communications such as videos, podcasts, excel documents, and more to make the greatest impact with your communications.
  • Control who has permission to see certain content and who has administrative privileges through the CMS.
  • Easily schedule to post and archive content to save valuable time keeping your content updated.

Complete Control Over
Content and Administration

With any workplace tool, you want complete control over the experience. Our Content Management System (CMS) gives you the freedom to share messages when and how you want. And our robust permissions structure allows you to easily empower local leaders to communicate with their teams—while restricting their permissions to exactly where they are allowed to post and with whom.

Track the Impact of

Good communication can save your organization time and money. The ability to track who is opening critical communications and who isn’t is vital to reaching your business objectives.

Command Center

  • Filter your dashboards by groups to hone in on important trends and adjust your strategy.
  • Track app usage, including content opens, employee comments, search data, read receipts and more.