Designed to
Help Companies
Operate Smarter.

The world’s largest
security workforce
management solution

With a combination of front-line efficiency and back-office intelligence, Trackforce Valiant is the world’s largest security workforce management solution.

We believe in connecting people and processes to help them operate smarter.

We are purpose-built for hourly workforce, with an understanding of complex schedule visualization, and provide a single integrated solution that connects schedules, tours, payroll, and employees to reduce disparity. We are built with compliance in mind – reducing risk to allow you to focus on running your business.

Why Work with Us?

We know the business of hourly workforce and have built our solution for you

We help to realize the capability of tracking “true” costs to ensure profitability

We help you provide your clients with visibility, communication and accountability to trust in your operations

We are a true business partner with our customers – adapting to changing needs and challenges – we invest in our customers’ success

Meet our Leadership Team

Trevor Campion

Trevor Campion linkedin

Chief Executive Officer

Russ Clark

Russ Clark linkedin

Chief Financial Officer

Simon Ferragne

Simon Ferragne linkedin

Chief Technical Officer

Jeff Mills

Jeff Mills linkedin

Chief Revenue Officer

James Benum

James Benum linkedin

Chief Product Officer

Pierre Vanacker

Pierre Vanacker linkedin

Chief Information Security Officer