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What is a guard tour app for security?

When security teams need that real-time visibility into their guard tours, paper-based checklists won’t cut it. To efficiently monitor a tour – when it is in progress, when it is complete, and if any checkpoints have been missed – requires the ability to actually see what your team is doing in real time.

A security guard tour app gives security operations insight into guard tours and assigned tasks – right when they are completed, and can instantly capture all information in one place. The best tour app will support security teams in measuring guard performance in real-time while also notifying supervisors on incomplete tours or incidents.

Security teams instantly see benefits of using a guard tour system by:

Tracking security guard location and activity

Showing service transparency to clients

Increasing security guard performance and protections

See the Guard Tour App in Action

A guard tour app is one of many features that make up guard management software. Using this feature provides critical operational insight into a guard’s tasks during their shift and helps security teams stay on top of their duties. When your guards conduct their tours, security operators need visibility that moves beyond a simple checklist.

Step by Step Task Guidance for Your Guards

Imagine a seamless guard tour experience without any unnecessary technical difficulties. With Trackforce Valiant’s guard tour app, your guards are seamlessly guided through their daily tasks.

  • Uniquely organize a guard’s post orders, logbook history, checkpoints, and more
  • Guards access all shift information
  • Customize every option to fit your operational and industry needs

Visibility and Protection Along the Tour

While your guards are conducting their tours, having that visibility in where they are is critical. No other guard tour app can boast a one-to-one connection that shows guard activities in real-time.

  • Track guards’ activities in real-time while on a tour
  • Supervisors have direct visibility on their whereabouts as they happen through a web browser
  • Important safety insight into a guard’s location when working at night or in not-so-safe areas

Essential Lone Worker Protection Unlike Any Other

Unlike other apps with so-called lone worker protection, Trackforce Valiant’s lone worker protection offers true individual security with features not found anywhere else:

  • Manual panic alarm and true fall detection to ensure the safety of solo guards on tour or during emergencies
  • Phone tilt detection technology that’s set to respond with a signal indicating emergency or requested assistance
  • Danger zone timer used to indicate a safe amount of time before assistance is required only if a guard hasn’t indicated safety

Self Guided In-Tour Reports

It can be a pain having your guards submit reports when conducting their tour. With the possibility of miscommunication or losing the attention span of your guards during their shift, it’s important to have everything they need at their fingertips.

  • Submit an incident or daily activity report without having to leave the application
  • Complete reporting tasks during a guard’s tour
  • 100% configurable reporting templates to meet the specifications of any contract

Get the Full Picture When Using Trackforce Valiant’s Guard Tour App

Built with Visibility and accountability in mind, the Trackforce Valiant Guard Tour app is a fully configurable solution for conducting tours and patrols in your security operation. The guard tour application within Trackforce Valiant’s guard management solution enables your team to stay connected while moving throughout any facility.

To see how a guard tour app can work for your team, request a demo by one of our experts.

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