La matrice des risques de sécurité : Identifier, atténuer et prévenir les risques

Matrice de gestion des risques

Quelle est la façon la plus courante pour les professionnels de la sécurité d'établir une stratégie pour leurs plans d'atténuation des risques ?

Quantifying the level of risk against potential threats has been the challenge among corporate security leaders. Making basic threat assessments and using those to build out mitigation strategies are only half the job. This is where a Risk Matrix can be used to quantify operational risks.

This ebook will walk through the steps to creating a risk matrix and the ways in which this matrix can accurately help determine the different levels of risk within an operation.

What you’ll learn in this eBook:

  • Defining the Elements of Risk: Hazards, Harms, and Scales
  • Applying the Scales to Design the Risk Matrix
  • Using ALARP to Fill In the “Gray” Areas
  • Vetting the Matrix with Real-World Examples
  • Taking Actions to Mitigate Risk