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Overcoming Complexity,
One Post at a Time.

Building a schedule in a security company is complex. Working with multiple clients, each of which will have multiple locations and multiple posts per location can make scheduling a challenge. Every post is unique, and every customer has their own unique needs, ensuring that schedules are set up and fulfilled each week can be time-consuming for any business. Our time and labor management software eliminates the complexity of employee schedules and ensures attendance.

Flexible Schedule views that let you drill down on customers, locations, posts, and employees

Quickly Search the schedule to find what you need to ensure accurate time and attendance

Quickly send Shift postings to qualified employees to enable them to pick up available shifts

Make Bulk Changes to Schedules – add, remove, or edit the schedule in multiple areas all at once

Time and Attendance Software Designed to Optimize the Team

Our intelligent scheduling platform enables you to filter based on availability, training, and overtime to get the best qualified and most profitable team on the schedule. In fact, using our time and labor management software has been proven to reduce non-billable overtime by over 75%. Put the right people in the right place at the right time – every time.

  • Training and certification expiration alerts ensure you don’t put an officer on a post that potentially has an expired certification
  • Intelligent filtering enables you to view officers based on qualifications, training, overtime and more
  • Ad-hoc Adjustments let you make special changes to shifts depending on the customer need

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Intelligent Scheduling
Schedule notification system

Shift Management – Ensure Your Employees Are Covered

Our schedule notification system can send a broadcast Text/SMS of the schedule details to each officer in real-time. This way, once you complete the schedule for the week they see the shift, location, and duration – no miscommunication.

  • You can also enable officers to pick up additional work through shift posting
  • Quickly send Shift postings to qualified employees to enable them to pick up available shifts
  • View which team members are currently clocked in, on a break, or at lunch with one click

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Connect Front-Line
Operations to Time and Labor Management

Setting up the schedule is an important step for ensuring coverage, but getting feedback to the daily operations requires on-site tools. Our time and labor management system software is integrated with our Guard Management system software, and relays time and attendance information in real-time to ensure you have visibility into how the shift is going. This helps to ensure that you are paying – and billing – the accurate times across all customers, all locations, all posts and all shifts.

  • Send your schedule information to the Guard Management system
  • Time entries are automatically displayed in detail on the schedule from the front-line

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Connect Front Line Operations
Connecting Time Worked to Time Earned

Connecting Time Worked to Time Earned

Our billing management application processes the bill rates from your schedule into a detailed billing report. Our integrated Payroll management application also begins the process of generating the payroll report for that week.
So, in just a few clicks, you can build a detailed invoice for your clients and begin to run your payroll – just like that.

  • Billing can detail invoices down to the shift level for every invoice, giving full transparency on time worked
  • Immediately close the week and generate billing reports for your clients
  • Ability to Email or print invoices to send to your clients
  • Push all pay related data for each employee from the schedule to payroll for processing
  • Integrate with 3rd party accounting packages to send financial information for further processing

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Designed to Analyze your Growth and Increase Margins

Our standard workforce management reporting includes data that enables you to see profits by customer, the amount of overtime you are incurring, pay rates vs. bill rates and even forecast revenue against labor costs. You can use these reports within our system or integrate this data with a 3rd party analytics software – the choice is yours.

  • Overtime Report views the employees that have incurred the most overtime and which is billable or not
  • Customer Profit Summary shows the expenses and revenue for each customer
  • Payroll vs. Billing reports on the expense of your payroll, and how you are billing against that information
  • Rolling Revenue Reporting gives you an extended view on how you are trending in your operation, and where you might need to make changes to improve margins

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Time and Labor Reporting