Security Guard
Tour System

Increase Productivity With the Leading Security Guard Tour System

Monitor guard tours in real time. Instantly know the status of each tour – When it is in progress, when it is complete, and if any checkpoints have been missed.

Create Guard Tours With Ease

Design guard tours via the Trackforce software. Create tour schedules and intuitively monitor your officers across multiple locations.

Keep Track of Your Officers

Receive notification alerts if a guard tour is not carried out properly, is incomplete, or if an incident occurs. Information captured is instantly updated.

Increase Officer Productivity

Forget about paper and spreadsheets. Ensure officers perform their tasks efficiently and document their tours digitally.

Ensure Complete
Guard Tours

Depending smartphone capabilities, easily guide and monitor officers with NFC, QR or geolocation tour checkpoints. Get real-time notifications about guard tour progress, including missed checkpoints.

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guard tours

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Enhanced Tour

Each tour tag has the option to include GPS location, post orders or activity reports. For added clarity, all guard tour reports can be enhanced with photos and videos, and GPS location.

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Alert With The Push
Of A Button

Using lone worker alert on their smartphone, security officers on patrol can trigger an alert if their safety is compromised. If there is an emergency, an alert is immediately triggered including officer location.

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Features Packages

High Quality Tour Reports

Provide High-Quality
Tour Reports

See what your officers have done and more importantly, what they haven’t. You’ll get a comprehensive report, including a tour and checkpoint analysis enhanced with rich media and geolocation data.

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Leverage Data to Smart
Decision Making

Analyze and visualize tour data from all your sites in the dashboard. Use the findings to improve officer productivity and to identify weaknesses before they become an issue.

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