Comprehensive Payroll
Management Solution

Connecting Time Worked to
Time Earned.

Our integrated payroll management is purpose-built for the complexities of the hourly workforce and is designed to speed the time to process payroll, minimize compliance risk, and lower the administrative burdens associated with running payroll in your business.

Integrated with Time and
Labor Management

Our payroll solution is directly linked to our intelligent scheduling solution, which means that as soon as a week is finished you can begin the payroll process with just a single click.

  • Links time on the schedule to the employee pay rates associated with the type of post, type of shift and any details that impact pay
  • Calculates overtime rates automatically based on hours worked in the schedule
  • Flexible pay cycles align to your schedule; weekly, bi-weekly or semi-monthly

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TLM Integration Mobile

Payroll Processing

Payroll Processing

When you run a payroll, the system immediately checks against the employee records, the schedule, the wage and labor business rules, and automatically flags any errors before you process the payroll. This intelligence ensure that you focus on the exceptions, saving you time over manual reviews.

  • Pay Rates, Tax and Wage information directly linked to employee information and automatically calculates upon running the report
  • System highlights potential errors such as below minimum wage, zero net pay and more
  • Average reduction of 50% payroll processing time using Trackforce Valiant over other solutions

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Full-Service Payroll Tax Management, Processing and Delivery Service

Ensuring that employees are aware of how they are paid is important to keeping them engaged. Once you process your payroll for the pay period, you can automatically send detailed pay information to the team. We are a full-service payroll provider and can manage printed checks, direct deposit, or even pay cards to your employees.

  • Configure pay statement to show hours, posts, pay rates, deductions and other information
  • Ability to send pay statements via mail, email or access and manage on mobile app
  • Payroll advisory service provides resources for wage and labor changes, pay rate compliance and consultation on payroll best practices for your business

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Command Center

Configurable Payroll Reporting

Configurable Payroll

Built with compliance in mind, you can generate any number of key payroll reports to ensure you are managing your expenses against profits, as well as meeting all wage and labor regulations.

  • Report on wages as a percentage of sales, total expenses, net income, gross income, and more
  • Fully configurable query tool to create custom reports
  • Ability to export payroll information to 3rd party business systems

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