Connect Data, Communications and Reporting in One Solution

trackforce all in one dashboard

Real-time data and analytics are crucial indicators to the health of a security company’s overall operations. Real-time data and analytics have not only provided immediate insights onto guard activity and incident status, but have aided in centralizing security initiatives in the new normal.

The data harnessed by guards on the field can easily be visualized on a dashboard shareable to one or more stakeholders. Why is this essential for security guard operations? With access to guard data in real-time, supervisors will have immediate feedback on incidents and events occurring across all sites.

Situational Awareness and Real-Time Data — A True Partnership

Security team activity, including incidents encountered, tours completed or not completed, and reports outstanding, are all essential components to gaining strong situational awareness. Real-time data and analytics have allowed organizations to move beyond basic preparation for future threats toward more proactive and reliable security protocols.

With real-time data visualized on the Trackforce Valiant dashboard, security companies have oversight on remote team activities and onsite incidents.

real time dashboard

View guard tour activity in real-time.
See operational data visualized with customizable charts.

Security Companies Use PTT to Improve Guard Communications and Accountability

Not all solutions have the option of using PTT as an alternative to walkie-talkie or other radio communications.

What is the most effective means of communicating critical information to your team during non-emergency times? Written or verbal communication? Or Both?

Security companies have implemented PTT as one of their most effective ways supervisors can immediately communicate with guards in the field. With Trackforce Valiant, supervisors can easily relay protocols key to managing a strong security workforce. Trackforce Valiant’s PTT can be used to:

  • Entirely replace traditional walkie-talkie style communication methods
  • Relay direct orders to one or multiple guards on patrol using custom channels
  • Monitor single or group guard channels to pick up on guard behavior and to reinforce security company standards while on site.

Why PTT is Currently One of the Go-To Choices for Guard Companies – 3 Reasons

  1. There’s Variability in Channel Use.
  2. Its Use is Perfect for Lone or Remote Workers.
  3. Verbal Communication is Still the Leading Choice.

Supervisors Can Support Their Guards on Patrol From Anywhere

Managing guards remotely, especially during trying times when resources are limited and spread too thin, thanks to technological know-how, supervisors can make informed decisions while being offsite.

Alongside Trackforce Valiant’s Real-Time Dashboard, security guard incident and activity reports give supervisors insights on their guards on patrol, providing much needed visibility. From collecting data for stronger shift guidance to providing insights on security guard activity, incident and activity reporting has helped security teams establish best-practices to mitigate at-risk areas.

All in One Real-Time Dashboards, Communications, and Reporting

How can security companies gain stronger insights over their operations? With a real-time dashboard, alongside communications and comprehensive reporting, supervisors will have immediate oversight on incidents and events occurring across all sites.

Check out our latest demo preview about Trackforce Valiant’s dashboards – and be sure to request a demo to see more.