How Hotel Safety and Security Positively Boosts Your Bottom Line

guest being greeted by hospitality manager

Most of us have seen security guards on a hotel property at some point during our travels. Some of us might have even had a reason (good or bad) to interact with them. But, have you ever stopped to think about just how important hotel safety and security teams really are to the hospitality industry? As it turns out, the day-to-day security operations of a hotel are what makes the hotel function at its prime.

CNN study showed that travelers rank safety and security as their number 1 concern when it comes to choosing travel destinations. That finding alone makes it clear why hotel safety and security is a vital component to a hotel’s operation. But let’s dive a little deeper and look at the top 3 reasons why safety and security are essential for the hospitality industry.

Guest Safety Determines Return and Recommendation Rate

We’ve already mentioned that safety and security are the number 1 concern for guests when booking a vacation. Guests feel safe before booking a stay at a property.

Security personnel accomplish this in several ways. By actively patrolling a property’s grounds, parking lots, restaurants, and lobby areas, potential threats can be identified quickly and dealt with accordingly. Guests will also appreciate the mere presence of guards around the property and the sense of security it provides.

Quickly identifying and handling potential threats is a vital part of hospitality security because it can prevent minor issues from escalating into more dangerous situations. As for the guests being aware of the security presence, the benefit is substantial. If they feel safe, they’re more likely to return to the property, as well as recommend it to fellow travelers.

hotel safety and security

Hotel safety and security is a major factor for guests booking travel.

A Safe Staff Upholds Holistic Security Measures

When it comes to hotel safety and security, it’s not just the guests that are a concern. A hotel property also employs a good deal of staff members. Those employees also need to feel safe and secure.

Guards provide that safety and security to staff members in many of the same ways as the guests. Their presence alone is often enough to deter any potential security threats. Guards may also escort staff members to their vehicles at night or remove unruly guests from hotel property.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the hospitality industry has an annual turnover rate of 73% – one of the highest in any industry. In a job where there’s a chance staff members may leave, the last thing you want is for them to feel unsafe while at work. A holistic safety and security program can help minimize that risk.

Investors and Shareholders Can Have Peace Of Mind

It’s not just the guests and staff members who are concerned with safety and security at a hotel property. There’s also a long list of investors and shareholders who are relying on those tourist dollars. If a property is viewed as unsafe, the word will get around and those dollars aren’t likely to come.

Hotel safety and security are two of the most important factors guests consider when booking a stay at a property. The presence of security personnel and the daily duties guards perform during their rounds will keep most of those safety concerns at bay. A holistic security solution will allow supervisors to pull detailed reports on guard activity to show shareholders exactly what they’re getting for their money. Smart security officer training will ensure that shareholders can rest easy knowing that every guard on the payroll is meeting the high standards necessary to protect the business.