How a Guard Tour System Improves Safety (& Increases Your ROI)

security guard looking at monitoring station

As a security guard firm owner or even a corporate security manager, determining the return on investment (ROI) and value put to your security initiatives is no easy task. It’s not like determining the value of your sales staff, where you simply compare their annual salaries to the revenue they bring in. Security doesn’t generate any kind of revenue. Instead, its value is determined by looking at cost savings.

An effective security team generates those savings through things like loss prevention and their impact on an organization’s image, employee retention, and competitive advantage.

The challenge is conveying the impact to your bottom-line to top execs and stakeholders. One way to do that is to evaluate response time. A general rule is that the longer it takes for security teams to respond to a threat, the more damaging it is for the organization. Not only can Trackforce Valiant help security teams keep response time to a minimum, but it can also make conveying that ROI to top execs and to stakeholders a breeze. Here’s a closer look.

Incident Reporting That’s Securely Documented and Backed-up Will Be Your Proof on a Silver Plater

When security personnel deal with incidents as part of their daily activities, keeping track of details – like who was on shift, their location, what tasks were part of their tour, and when they submitted a report – are essential.

Trackforce Valiant maintains the security industry’s leading software in geolocation and officer dispatch technology. That means that in the event of an incident or an emergency, officer locations can be instantly determined and dispatched accordingly. GPS and NFC technology make this real-time incident response possible. In turn, those incidents can be handled as quickly as possible, and potential losses are kept to a minimum.

What’s more, records of those incidents, along with their response times and outcomes, can easily be built into simple reports for top execs and stakeholders. This makes it easy for hospitality security administrators to show clients exactly what they’re paying for. Those same reports can prove vital should a legal dispute arise because of an incident, potentially saving your back and the company in even more legal fees.

The Best Way to Prevent Theft is to be Prepped – and Vigilant!

One of the obvious benefits of a well-equipped security team is that they can prevent theft or the damage of assets. But a safety and security team can also prevent revenue loss in the case of a crisis by ensuring a property’s employees and vendors are accounted for while operations stay up and running. Trackforce Valiant has several tools that can assist in these tasks as well.

The Command Center: Trackforce Valiant’s centralized command center allows supervisors to monitor multiple sites and coordinate resources as quickly as possible should an emergency arise. At any given time, they’ll know exactly what’s going on and where their team members are. Communication is vital during a crisis, and Trackforce Valiant’s push-to-talk (PTT) functionality means that all personnel will receive the rapid communication needed during an emergency.

Visitor Management (Perfect for Third-Party Vendors and Miscellaneous Visitors): Another tool that can prove invaluable during a crisis is Trackforce Valiant’s visitor management system. The system allows visitors to be pre-registered so that access badges can be waiting for the guests when they arrive. It also allows visitors’ access to be restricted to specific areas as the organization sees fit. In the event of an emergency, officers can print a list of visitors with the push of a button and know where they are. From there, evacuation can be as streamlined as possible. This not only keeps vital business activities running without distractions, but it also minimizes potential legal issues as a result of visitors being in restricted areas.

Full-Spectrum Access to All the Tools You Need – With Adaptability and Customization at its Core

Perhaps the biggest way Trackforce Valiant can maximize a company’s ROI is the simple fact that it provides access to all of these tools and technology under one roof. In many cases, companies outsource similar tools through several third-party vendors, and the result can get quite expensive. With Trackforce Valiant, clients get superior security solutions and cost savings in one robust package. Request a demonstration today to see how Trackforce Valiant can maximize your ROI on security operations.