Why Security Guard Reporting Software Improves Your Bottom-Line

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Security companies know that to stay ahead of the game, efficiently managing security operations and guards are vital. Here are a few reasons why comprehensive security guard reporting software can increase profits and can help guide your business operations to success.

Standardize Your Reporting & Processes

From the tracking of daily reports to reports used for improvement and operational advancement, proper reporting is the foundation for any security company. It’s the way business justify their guard activity, expenses, and follow regulations to maintain state and contract compliance.

Relying on security guards and supervisors to keep an accurate reporting system is an unnecessary risk. Human error is unavoidable, regardless of how careful one guard or supervisor can be. Controlling what a report needs is as easy as setting up a reusable template that saves time, money, and paperwork.

Using digital templates avoids errors and makes reporting standardized. Since guards are guided through every step with clear instructions on what each report is needed, digital templates allow any guard to easily complete a report.

Offer High-Quality Security Guarding Services to Your Clients

Digital reporting also lets you take advantage of data and stats based on the information security guards input in each report and presents it to you in a dashboard. You can:

  • Gain insights on guard tour effectiveness
  • Review guard daily activity
  • Keep track of commonly reported incidents and review risk prevention measures
  • Anticipate risk for new or similar sites based on previously reported information
  • Better understand clients need and pitch security improvements for stronger contracts

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Maintain Your Business Operation Budget

Optimizing your services is key. With Trackforce’s security incident reporting software, you will increase reporting accuracy and efficiency by shifting away from manual reporting efforts, saving on labor costs and potential overtime.

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