The PSR: Week of April 18th 2022

Episode 2: Robots Like Musical Chairs, Cannabis, and Sports

Hi friends – Tim Lozier here.

Welcome to the latest edition of our security rundown, where Jeff Didomenico and I try to cover 5 topics in under 5 minutes. We usually fail, but come close. Either way, it’s a great way to get a rundown of some of the top discussions in the physical security industry.

Watch the full rundown linked above. For some reason, the video kept switching us around, which I can’t figure out, so enjoy the “musical chairs” version of the rundown.

  1. Cannabis Security: On April 27th at 1pm ET, Thinkcurity is hosting a webinar on what’s growing in cannabis security, with Michael Helea of SecOne Security. With that said, the industry is growing and it’s a 33B industry. Many security firms are starting to jump on to this industry. With an early start, they’ll have a hand in helping design the stores, security systems and are even helping sub-contractors get their licensing. It’s a great time to be a part of Cannabis.
  2. Sporting and Event Security: With venues opening up, people are starting to come out and enjoy the fun inside the stadiums. yet, with crowds comes a lot of security issues. Often, the instability seen in stadiums and other event spaces are similar to what’s happening in the airline industry – unruly, impatient people that pose strong security threats. The key for security firms is to build out a plan to increase security, increase technology to support their operation, and increase vigilance on how to de-escalate potential situations. Check out this great event security checklist from Thinkcurity to help you along your journey.
  3. Compliance Agents? The most challenging and possible annoying part of the security business is compliance. While most people either ignore or get it wrong, we’re now seeing more people who are outsourcing these compliance initiatives. Wage and labor, ACA, OSHA – the list goes on. Whether they hire in house or go to a firm, these compliance agents are taking the burden of the operators’ plates so they can focus on running the business.
  4. Weird and Wonderful Revenue Streams for Security: When I was a kid, baseball cards were a hot commodity. Now, they’re practically currency in many ways. It makes sense for a security firm to want to jump in and help these venues protect valuable assets. But there’s also gas stations, scrap yards, and in a weird twist…manhole covers?!? We talk about how some of these new revenue streams can boost a security firm’s business.
  5. The Robots are Taking….Over? Last, we talk about whether we’re yet in the age of robots. While Jeff and I have debated when security robots will be a normal component of the operation, we are seeing other industries dipping their toe in this water. Vineyards are deploying tree trimming bots, Panera Bread has an Automated Coffee Barista, and they are now serving drinks as bartenders. So does it take another industry to lead the charge, and when we will see a robot running security in more venues?

That’s our five-minute rundown with a slight switcheroo on the video. Hope you enjoyed it and we will see you on the next one!

Take care,