The PSR: Week of May 23rd, 2022

Hi friends – Tim Lozier here.

Hey There and welcome to yet another Physical Security Rundown. Jeff DiDomenico and I try to tackle topics in under five minutes – more or less. This week we cover GPS guard tracking, Reputation management, Learning and Training management, and what’s in store for security this summer. Tune in.

Episode 4: A Security Guard’s Sunscreen

  1. GPS and Officer Tracking: It’s been something that is continually important for accuracy and accountability; and, in some cases, it can even help with time theft if used as part of a clock in and out system. What’s the real, tangible advantage for GPS and GeoFencing in Guard Management and Security Operations? You have to look beyond just the visibility and accountability of guard tracking via GPS, but more to the safety benefits of the concept. Think about lone workers and knowing where they are, and if there is an incident, having location of those officers and their proximity to an activity that needs help, you can really see the benefit to this technology.
  2. Reputation Management: There have been a lot of good incidents in the news but also some bad ones, like with what happened at David Chappelle’s show? Does the security company that managed the show have a process to minimize damage in a crisis?  How can companies leverage their exposure to the industry in a positive light? There’s also the idea of ensuring that your officers are operating in a positive light to ensure that errant behavior is minimized.
  3. Training and Learning Management: Good training makes for good officers — and that’s a topic of conversation for a Thinkcurity webinar with Jeff and Matt Gilley from Intellum. There is a big need for a Learning Management System (LMS) but you have to get past the idea that LMS’s are only for the big companies. LMS’s are for everyone. The key is how to use it correctly.
  4. Security in Summer: It’s almost summer! And while seeing Jeff in a swimsuit isn’t ideal, it’s coming nevertheless. Aside from that security risk – there are going to be more people at events, graduations, beaches, public areas – but even storm season might surge with security risks. We talk about the risks associated with these public events and even how security is going to have to be extra vigilant as people are anxious to get out for these summer events.

That’s the rundown for the week folks! While we didn’t get under five minutes, we did our best. We’ll do better next time. Promise. Thanks for listening!