Enhanced Applicant Tracking and Onboarding: What it Means for Physical Security

Applicant Tracking Security screenshot

Take this into consideration; you have an open post to fill but not enough security officers to fill it. It may be time to post a job ad online and start that hiring process. Yet, what are the best ways to do so? How are companies like yours sourcing and retaining new talent?

With a lot to consider when trying to fill an open post, physical security operators are starting to redefine how they choose to look for and onboard talent.

When considering the changes in budgets, recruiting process, training and onboarding due to changes in 2020, investing time on the wrong employee can be costly — not to mention increase turnover rates. The average cost of hiring the wrong employee can be anywhere from $1500 to upwards of $6000 per employee.

If 2020 has taught the physical security industry anything, it’s learning how to be flexible and to navigate uncharted waters as quickly and efficiently as possible. This includes finding best practices to hire good talent.

In this article, we’ll break down the whys and hows of enhanced applicant tracking and onboarding and why the physical security industry has opted for reducing turnover.

Biggest Challenges Physical Security Operators Face When Hiring and Retaining Talent

It’s well known that security operators struggle to acquire and retain good talent. There are constraints with rates, rate competition from other industries, and much more appealing entry-level jobs that may be more secure, and less strenuous, for the prospective security officer employee.

Physical security firms have taken note and are adapting their hiring processes to reflect not only the new normal, but also their changing business needs, such as establishing strong communication practices among their team and improving training methods.

The hiring process is in transition; and the physical security industry is in the midst of that transition. Here’s what that means for you.

From Hiring to Onboarding: Reviving the Hiring Process

What is Enhanced Applicant Tracking and Onboarding?
Enhanced applicant tracking and onboarding systems automate the hiring process intelligently. This means physical security operators can hire faster, smarter, and with confidence.

Manual processes, such as candidate screening, scoring, selection, interview scheduling, and final offer approval can be automated, allowing security firms to leverage back time lost.

What Physical Security Firms Can Expect with Technology

Technology has the ability to expand how companies operate — this means more efficiency and better results.  Companies can gain a 360-degree view of candidates with a centralized profile that provides the full history of candidate applications and interactions including the ability to measure the impact of onboarding efforts such as time-to onboard, completion rate, and more.

What’s more, companies can establish a library of ready-to-use standard HR and government agency compliance forms plus create predetermined workflows to ensure all new hires have necessary documents completed before their first day.

Benefiting from Enhanced Applicant Tracking and Onboarding

Physical security operators can provide better visibility for a better hiring experience plus:

  • Increase recruiting efficiency with smart automation
  • Make faster, data-driven hiring decisions — all in real-time
  • Attract and Engage More Diverse Job Seekers
  • Reduce Unconscious Bias
  • Track and Measure Progress to Optimize Process

Remember — with proper applicant tracking and onboarding, companies can save anywhere from $1500 up to $6000 per employee — the same amount that can result if the wrong employee is hired.