Why Star Wars needs a Workforce Management System

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“what would the saga be like if there was a workforce management system in place during the events of A New Hope?”

For those that do not know, I am a huge Star Wars nerd, and I am also one to ponder the what ifs in the Star Wars universe. So, I got to thinking, “what would the saga be like if there was a workforce management system in place during the events of A New Hope?” Silly, maybe – but sometimes it’s fun to just kick back and take a stab at the notion.

How Stormtroopers Handle Time and Labor Management

Let’s start off by imagining the sheer size and scale of the Empire’s security force. Sure, they are more of a military option than a private security force, but like anything, they need to rely on a schedule.

Take the Death Star – it’s a massive station with different locations, posts and skill sets required per post. To be able to ensure that these troopers are on a post around the clock would require some massive scheduling solution. How can the Empire ensure that there is a trooper on each post in order to prevent those rebel scum from getting on board and rescuing a wayward princess?

With a dedicated and centralized Time and Labor Management solution, the Empire would be able to visualize the schedule, the locations within the Death Star, and each post that needed to be filled.

They could then ensure that not only is there a Stormtrooper always on a particular post at any given time, they could specify the skill set – such as an armed trooper (wait- aren’t they all armed?). This way, there wouldn’t be any lapses in shifts, and they wouldn’t run the risk of letting some old-timer Jedi from turning off the Tractor beam (Jedi mind tricks aside).

For your business, it’s a little simpler (we hope). While you don’t have a Galaxy to “protect”, you do need to ensure that posts are filled, the right guards are working at the right location at the right time and with the proper certifications. Time and Labor Management solutions with Schedule visualization are immensely powerful in this sense.

Does the Empire have Payroll Management? Do these guys even get paid?

Another component is payroll management. Stormtroopers need to be compensated for their efforts, otherwise why would they follow some guy named “Darth” throughout the galaxy?

Let’s assume that the Empire works as an hourly operation (how do you calculate hours through space and time? – never mind). Without the ability to integrate the time and labor management system with a payroll management system, connecting the schedules to pay rates would be a nightmare. They must need a way to automatically take their schedules and time worked and build it into some sort of payroll management solution that would take into account the schedule and automatically process their pay, calculate overtime and ensure accuracy.

That, or they used the Force to process payroll…..nah.

While your operation isn’t as nefarious as the Empire, being able to take the time worked from your employees and automatically process payroll becomes a huge benefit to automating the process as a whole.

With a Time and Labor Management Solution integrated into a payroll management system, you can automatically run a payroll according to the exact time worked by your guards. Companies that leverage this integration can reduce processing time by upwards of 50% through a system such as this. No Jedi or Sith powers required.

Did Stormtroopers get overtime

Did the Empire Use Government Contractors, and did They Bill them?

OK, so the Death Star is big, and the Empire’s reach on the galaxy is even bigger. With all that space to cover, the Empire had to have used contractors. It’s unlikely that they would rely on bounty hunters to keep the peace, and it’s also unlikely that they did it all themselves (they may have, but I think it would be more fun to imagine a Government-er-Empire Contact agreement somewhere.) So, let’s assume that there were contractors in the operations – whether as a security force, construction of the Death Star or Star Destroyer – there was an outside force helping out (no pun intended). How would these guys get paid?

Proper integration of a Time and Labor Management solution to a billing management solution is key. As the work gets done and the services are provided, the contractor would need a way to record that time, pay their workers through a payroll management system, and then quickly produce invoices according to the correct bill rates.

Having a billing management system that compiles all this information and produces invoices that communicate the details of the work provided would help.

Even though your client isn’t Darth Vader or the Emperor, getting paid might have the same challenge. While you may not be force-choked for improper billing, you want to make sure you have the right bill rates and time worked to ensure that you generate accurate invoices for your clients.

Having your Time and Labor Management system integrated not only with the payroll management solution, but also a billing management system can help to speed the time to generate invoices, and do so in an accurate and transparent manner.

Conclusion: Workforce Management Systems MAY have saved the Empire

Ok, it’s a stretch, and the movies wouldn’t be as fun, but if there were the right Stormtroopers manning posts, and they were paid on time, and contractors got billed properly, maybe the Empire wouldn’t have had such security gaps to allow the band of rebels to steal the Death Star plans, rescue the princess and thwart the Empire’s evil plans to dominate the galaxy. Maybe.

Of course, operations down here on the planet are much simpler, but the challenges remain. You want to ensure that you are scheduling the right guards consistently, ensuring that time worked matched time earned, and ultimately time billed to your clients.

By having an integrated Time and Labor Management solution that takes that schedule and time collection and compiles it into a payroll management system, you can streamline your operations and pay your guards for time worked. Similarly, you can take that information and generate accurate and timely invoices through a billing management system.

Whether you are an evil Empire, or a Security Firm just looking to keep profit margins high, using automated workforce management solutions can help you operate smarter, gain visibility and control and mitigate risk. And maybe, just maybe – save the galaxy.

The Force is Strong With a Time and Labor Management Solution.
The Force is Strong With a Time and Labor Management Solution.