Virtual Physical Security Summit 2020 — Thinkcurity’s First Virtual Summit in COVID-19 New Normal

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Where the Security Industry is Right Now

We’ve seen our industry endure a unique position. Managing sites with remote workers, mitigating health risks and maintaining compliance, and ensuring the safety and security of the guards performing essential tasks while also upholding the duties outlined in contracts are but a few of the challenges our industry has faced so far in 2020.

Review the biggest changes our industry has faced in the 2020 Security Letter

In dealing with the state of the industry and our new normal, the team is proud to showcase our first event: The Virtual Physical Security Summit 2020.

What You Can Expect for the Summit — October 6 & 7

Hosting speakers from across all physical security sectors, the Summit will span 2 days touching on:

  • Technology and the physical security industry
  • Crisis management and keys to long-term business success
  • Business development for contract security
  • Tips and tricks for operational efficiency
  • and more

With 2 days filled with round tables and thought leadership, we hope you’ll be as excited for this event as we are! Register now!

Virtual physical security summit event - October 6-7 2020 - Thinkcurity

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Words from the Expert: Why The Summit is Needed Now More Than Ever

As the world adjusted to life in the new normal, the Trackforce Valiant team watched as our industry’s domestic and international events were postponed, modified, or even canceled.

Industry events are an essential way for users to see, speak, and learn about new solutions across our industry. Events like GSX or Intersec are must-attend shows where security professionals can network, gain insights from leading industry professionals, and see what the future of security has in store.

Despite the impact to Trackforce Valiant’s physical participation of events, the team was determined to find a way to shift gears and to uphold our event experience in however way possible.

“The Corporate Event Industry Has Recently Seen Dramatic Changes In Its Dynamic. What Could Have Been A Real Game Changer Instead Allowed The Event-World Community An Opportunity To Reinvent Itself And Take Advantage Of The New Normal. Going Virtual Is Offering New Perspectives And Gives The Potential To Reach An Even Broader Target Using Creative Tools. I Personally Find It Extremely Stimulating To See How Organizations Are Reinventing Themselves And Look Forward To Seeing What’s Next.” — Helene Dossmann, Associate Marketing Manager And Event Coordinator For Trackforce Valiant

6 Reasons to Attend the Virtual Physical Security Summit

  1. Learn – Two days of free access to our agenda of thought leaders and security experts.
  2. Engage – Get actionable tips & tactics you can use in your organization starting from day one.
  3. Grow – Build personal skills and learn how to be a better security professional in 2020.
  4. Enjoy – Did we mention it’s totally free?! Invite your coworkers and network to join you.
  5. Network – Virtually meet & network with security professionals and experts around the globe.
  6. Discover – Learn what’s going on in physical security across a wide range of topics & disciplines.

The Industry-Leading Voices Behind the Virtual Physical Security Summit

In reinventing our event strategy, the Trackforce Valiant team joined forces with Silvertrac team to showcase our webinars through Thinkcurity. With Thinkcurity, the Trackforce Valiant and Silvertrac team found a way to continue our event experience.

About Thinkcurity
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Thinkcurity is Trackforce Valiant and Silvertrac Software’s new joint effort aimed to deliver industry news, resources, and events with an education-first mindset for the security professional.

Featuring informational content covering all aspects of the security business, Thinkcurity is the hub for industry professionals seeking enlightening and resourceful information about their industry.

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Speakers are currently being secured for the event. To stay updated on speakers, topics, and agendas, sign up for the summit mailing list and follow Thinkcurity on Facebook and LinkedIn.  If you have any questions, reach out to

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