Team Visibility with a Security Guard Tracking System

Not knowing what your guards are doing and if they’re completing their tasks on-time is one thing security professionals wish they always had. When security companies have a security guard tracking system to track their guards, they’ll have access to all the information needed on guard tours, checkpoint completion, geolocation information, and more. It solves that need for visibility and makes managing your security team much easier to do.

When a security company is thinking about what their guards are doing, that often translates to wanting more visibility. This is where a security guard tracking system as a software solution comes in.

What is a security guard tracking system?

A security guard tracking system provides security professionals with real-time insight on guard activities as they conduct their tours. A tracking system also allows for supervisors to have direct visibility on your guards’ whereabouts for added safety whenever your team is working a night shift or in a not-so-safe area. 

Plus, it’s typical for a guard app to boast features such as geolocation, real-time notifications, and digital incident and activity reporting, and more.

Why do we need security guard management software?

A security guard tracking system gives security company owners all the information needed to ensure the security team is doing their job. And, it stores all important details in one place. 

For example, if a supervisor needs to assess a particular guard’s performance, they can look at their time, attendance, and post assignments all from one place. Not only does this help with managing security guards effectively, but it also enables supervisors to plan schedules and map out tours more accurately.

Tips to Look for in a Guard Tour System

Security companies need ultimate visibility to improve their security operations. Here are 6 tips to look for in a guard tour system: 

  1. Real-Time Incident and Activity Reporting
  2. Guard Tour Monitoring
  3. Real-Time Tracking
  4. Cloud Based System
  5. Command Center (GSOC)
  6. Real-Time Notifications
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Real-Time Incident and Activity Reporting

Digital reporting eliminates time-consuming paper reports and demonstrates value to clients. Supervisors can reduce the time it takes to review incident and daily activity reports, saving in costly operational time.

Guard Tour Monitoring

Guard tour monitoring gives security company owners complete knowledge of their security officers’ whereabouts. This provides proof that security guards are delivering on the contract requirements.

Real-Time Tracking

A comprehensive security guard tracking system gives you easy access to critical information whenever you need it. Supervisors won’t have to sift through paper logs just to know what the team has been doing. With real-time tracking, supervisors can turn the data collected in the field to actionable insights – all from one place. This means viewing key metrics that all clients want reported.

Cloud Based System

Since a security guard tracking system is cloud-based software, it can be accessed from anywhere in the world. This means that security company owners can ensure their guards are performing as expected even when they’re traveling to another site.

Command Center (GSOC)

Real-time visibility on a browser map makes it easy for supervisors to pinpoint where officers are located, with the power of GPS. Plus, with the command center, supervisors get real-time alerts for any late/missed shifts, incidents, or lone worker protection all in one place.

Real-Time Notifications

A fundamental feature of any security guard tracking system is real-time notifications. This capability allows supervisors to gain better situational awareness on all incidents and activities happening across all sites. Real-time notifications reduce time-consuming email chains and other communication methods of the past. Plus, if there’s an incident, a crisis can be taken care of right away.

Having real-time team connection never looked better

Guard visibility and protection along the tour requires much more connection than a simple walkie-talkie. When security teams enhance their tours using technology, it almost always guarantees better tour outcomes, reporting, and overall team safety. 

Having real-time team connection is only the beginning of what a comprehensive security guard tour app can provide. To learn more about the security guard tour app, click the button below. Or, request a demo to see it in action.

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