How Trackforce Valiant’s Configurable Training Modules Help Security Companies Maintain Compliance

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When it comes to guard training, security guard companies have relied on paper and pencil to do the heavy lifting for years. With the transition to digital training modules, we’ve seen security guard companies upscale their training across all parts of their operations. Here’s how.

Security guard training modules are configurable. This means they’re adaptable for any use.
So long are the days where training was only conducted in-person; and, with this new normal, training that’s capable of being remote is highly valued. Digital training modules help security companies maintain contract obligations and prevent infringements like health screenings and regulations for remote workers, as with the new normal.

A Security Company’s Training Doesn’t Have to be Contained, Only Modified
When security companies have operations that cross state lines, digital training modules ensure that guards receive training that has been adapted to each state’s requirements so that accountability is maintained regardless of site location.

Training Modules Help Security Guards Uphold SOPs and Contract Requirements
Comprehensive digital training modules are configurable and can help supervisors identify licenses and regulations of any kind. This means security companies have the flexibility to create modules that are adaptable, scalable, and accessible to guards and supervisors when needed.

How do Security Guard Training Modules Work?

Security guard training modules focus on easing the transition from paper training to digital. What’s more important, digital training modules make remote guarding across multiple sites entirely possible.

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Digital training modules ensure guard accountability and can thwart the risk of noncompliance with states and with client service agreements.

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Supervisors can identify expiring certifications ahead of time and maintain online documentation of all guard credentials<
A guard’s job skills can also be easily tracked with direct access to their resume and training information

How Does Trackforce Valiant’s Security Guard Training Help Security Companies Like Mine?

Trackforce Valiant’s configurable training modules can be broken down into three essential parts:

  1. Their adaptability and full user configuration
  2. Their integration to already-established security operations
  3. Their ability to provide comprehensive analysis on missed training

When supervisors are monitoring security guard training, they can easily monitor soon-to-be expired state guard licenses by receiving alerts and other notifications so that guards maintain accountability and you maintain compliance.

Plus, when onboarding newly hired guards, supervisors can view a guard’s job skills with direct access to their resume and training information. This ensures that supervisors can easily train new hires without having to physically visit a site, resulting in cost savings and time recuperation.

Here’s a list of things security companies can do right now to ensure guard training on any site, remotely:

  • Link mandatory trainings to security posts
  • Keep track of your officers’ courses taken and certifications
  • View resume and skills
  • View photo directory listing of all your officers
  • Quick access to skills/resume and training information
  • See expired or about to expire trainings/certifications
  • See expired or about to expire worker cards/permits
  • Be alerted when S/Os working a restricted post without the proper mandatory training
  • Add recertification/retraining information from the anomaly page
  • Export training anomalies in Excel or PDF formats

“[Trackforce Valiant] Is So User Friendly, All Of My Officers Are Able To Easily Retain The Training Info. To Properly Navigate The App [And] To Fulfill The Expectations Of Our Management Staff.” — Derrick Y. Operations Manager — Reviewed On Capterra

Where Can I Get More Information?

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