Get Your Security Ready for Game Day

soccer field

Preparing Security for Game Day

Sporting events attract masses of people which means that the presence of a security team is very important. Safety and security measures need to be taken seriously to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for spectators and staff. The primary focus of any event is keeping everything under control and quickly able to respond if anything goes wrong.

Metal detectors and bag checks are standard in most stadiums these days, but following unfortunate events, stadium security has had to improve. Over the past decade, we have seen an increase in security personnel. For example, in France, there are close to 900 security officers present for high-profile soccer games. You can imagine how much of a challenge it can be to manage that many officers at an event effectively. Security teams need to have the right technology to at least alleviate some of these challenges ensuring a safe environment.

Imagine having to ensure the safety of tens of thousands of people; it’s not an easy task. Depending on the stadium, there could be about 50,000 to 100,000 people. Officers need to be on top of their game to be able to get through the crowds and quickly respond to any incident. There are different areas where security management software can help streamline some aspects of stadium security like for example shorten officer response time and improve communication between the boots on the ground and supervisors.

Incidents don’t only happen inside which means that there are many areas in and out of the stadium that need to be paid attention to during guard tours. Areas like parking lots, restrooms, and restrictive zones must constantly be inspected, but how can these locations be validated to make sure that nothing is missed on purpose or just an oversight? One possibility would be to equip strategic locations with NFC tags and instruct officers to scan each tag. It doesn’t have to stop there, special instructions can be attached to each checkpoint and surfaced on the officer’s mobile device ensuring that nothing is missed. By using a mobile app for tours, everything can be validated in real time and operations always have a clear view of the situation.

A stadium is huge which means that officers must be spread out to cover as much ground as possible. In a case where there is a disruptive person or a fight, officers and operations need to be able to communicate and act quickly to diffuse the situation before it gets out of control. That means that a streamlined flow of communication is vital to maintaining high-security standards.

Game days require a lot of security preparations, that is why security professionals need an easy-to-use tool to help them be more efficient, so they can continue to focus on the safety of everyone at the event. Security workforce management solutions like m-Post from Trackforce address many of the challenges that stadium security teams are faced with around the globe.

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