How to Use a Security Operations Dashboard to Gain Business Intelligence

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Using a security operations center dashboard can help businesses effectively manage their security workforce. In particular, workforce software enhanced with a security analytics and operations architecture can help you obtain actionable insight used to improve security officer and staff efficiency. That said, the following is an overview of how a security dashboard can help manage your workforce

Using a Security Metrics Dashboard

A Security operations dashboard like Trackforce’s software is made to enhance a company’s business with data collected from officers on the field. These insights give you powerful business intelligence and can help you analyze ways to manage your security officers more effectively. This software can be used to:

Eliminate Scheduling Conflicts

Manually keeping record of security guard attendance is inefficient. Software made to automatically track time and attendance does this work for you. Tracking employee time and attendance can efficiently eliminate scheduling conflicts and identify employees that may be struggling in this area in order to administer the necessary corrective actions.

Unify Employee Training

If you oversee operations for a security company, you most likely are in charge of potentially 100s of officers. Keeping track of who has and hasn’t completed what training courses shouldn’t be a difficult task once data is automatically gathered. Using Trackforce’s software, you can easily see who has and hasn’t completed which training courses, allowing you to easily maintain compliance or keep contracts terms.

Comprehensive Risk Management That Works for Your Security Operations

Manage Employee Overtime

A security operation center dashboard allows companies and managers to keep track of employee time, eliminating unnecessary costs associated with collecting and analyzing data. Rather than downloading reports into paper or spreadsheets, supervisors and managers can rely on real-time information to solve security issues and to handle back-office responsibilities, such as invoicing.

How Real-Time Data Improves Security Workforce Management

Overall, security companies and corporate security managers benefit from a system that provides business intelligence in the form of KPIs and analytics. Gaining actionable insights with security operations management software instantly changes your business for the better. With data collected by security officers on the field, you can make better and more informed decisions without sifting through disorganized data.

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