Tim Lozier

Tim Lozier is the VP of Marketing for Trackforce Valiant Solutions. He has an extensive background in software technology, and has been involved in the development of leading-edge technologies and strategies for workforce management solutions. Lozier is responsible for fostering the direction of and providing strategic leadership for Trackforce Valiant’s comprehensive platform for security workforce management, with uniquely tailored solutions for the front-line security workforce management and the back-office Time and Labor Management, Payroll Management and Human Resource Management.

The Security Rundown Tim and Jeff

The PSR: Week of April 18th 2022

In the latest edition of our security rundown, Jeff Didomenico and I try to cover 5 topics related to the physical security industry in under 5 minutes. This week includes the cannabis industry, sporting and event security, compliance agents, creative revenue streams and.. Robots